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ConnectingChrist was started in 2018 with the purpose to build a relationship with Jesus and the Father and to unite Christians throughout the world.  Just as Jesus proclaimed to  Peter "We are going to change the world",  we at ConnectingChrist want to emulate Jesus and also to change the world.  Our primary goal to help the world is first to educate people about Christ.  Additionally, we want to create a community of support to help guide people through all issues that they may struggle with in their life.  We all can be tools of God to help those in need.  We seek his guidance and instruction so that we may best serve his intentions.  

our team:
Jonathan May Esq MA.JPG
Jonathan May

Founder, Pastor and Web Developer 

Jon is an attorney and owns the only Christian international law firm The Lions' Den, Attorneys at Law.  Jon is a communications professor and seeks to make an impact on this world.    

Joel Taica

Preacher and IT

Joel loves life, his family and Jesus.  Joel is lead by the Father and preaches on videos and through podcasts.  Joel is excellent with technology and assists with the technical set up and execution of our videos or sound segments.  Joel provides lots of wisdom and a unique perspective towards the scripture that we love.   

Jose Daniel Useche Arrieta

Preacher and Leader of  Connecting Christ Venezuela

"JD" is a brilliant theologian that  preaches and loves Jesus and loves helping others.   

Andrea Ayala 


Andres is an educator focused on relationships.   Andrea loves people and helping others and helping others learn about how to adjust their perspective and focus in order to better their life.  

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